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Why Structural?

Digging a hole in soil, placing steel and packing of concrete does not constitute a structural element.

Many pool failures not only in dolomite soils are a direct consequence from a lack of knowledge of structures and in particular concrete performance.

  • The two most common causes of failure are carbonation and chloride contamination of the concrete.
    Both of these lead to corrosion of the embedded steel reinforcement and as the steel corrodes it expands and exerts pressure on the concrete so that, eventually, the concrete cracks.

  • Incorrect selection of materials. 

  • Errors in design calculation and detailing. 

  • Improper construction techniques and insufficient quality control and supervision.
    - Segregation of aggregates. 
    - Lack of attention to hydration. 
    - Lack of storm-water considerations. 

  • Chemical attacks on concrete structures. 

  • External mechanical factors. 

  • Bacterial corrosion, calcium leaching.

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