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Structural Tiled Pools - STARTING @ R15 000.00/m2 

For an estimate cost calculation on your pool [expected depth of approximately 1.5 meters]:

WATER SURFACE AREA: Length x Breath @ R 15 000.00/m² 


  • We will dig up the area required - pickable soil only [additional cost may arise from rocky excavations]

  • Remove soil and building debris from site.

  • We build structural pools - as per NHBRC Specifications.



  • Pool Surface - We tile pools with a through color porcelain non-slip tile - totally acid resistant 

  • Epoxy grout tile joints

  • Coping GRANITE - Non slip - water jet finish 30mm thick x 0.250 wide x 1.200 long each section

  • Pool cleaner - Dolphin robotic intelligent unit

We have pools that have been completed for 15 years and are almost new.


  • Marbelite - the cementitious material will fail between 2-5 years depending on final color and overall maintenance.

  • Fiberglass - the lack of adhesion between wall and coping is an industry hurdle as the UV causes cracks with imminent failure.

  • Chlorinated water seeps in between the lining and concrete resulting in mildew being visible inside the pool with no possible remedy.

    • Longevity 5 years if cared for correctly.

  • Tiled pools - we recommend this system.

    • We have pools older than 15 years without any failures. Pool pumps excluded.

    • The tile used is porcelain through-color - acid-resistant.

    • We use porcelain adhesive.

    • The substructure is waterproofed.

    • We epoxy grout joints. 

    • We only use the TAL Product Range exclusively.​



Pool Length x Pool Breath @ R 15 000.00/m²

7 x 3 = 21m² water area @ approximately R15000.00m² = R315 000.00.

7 x 3 = 21m²

21m² x R 15000m² = R315 000.00

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